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Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Im sure you're wondering why. Why did I become vegan? What radically changed my mind?

Well here's the deal... I ate incredibly unhealthy. And my husband? Even worse. If you knew us a few years ago.... well you'd know that we ate fast food ALL the time and way too much meat and soda and sugar in general. Then.... I got pregnant and it got WORSE. I kept McDonalds in business. Big Mac, large fry-make that two, and a large coke, please. I said this way too many times.
Fast forward to November 2009. Levi is around 7 months old, still not eating solids yet ( I am thinking how I want to raise him to eat healthy when he starts solids) and here I am eating a couple double cheeseburgers from none other than McDonalds, on my way home to watch whatever movie came from Netflix. To my surprise, Food Inc. was in the mail box (I had heard about it and convinced Steve to watch it with me) and we watched it. And I will never be the same. After that I looked at Steve and said "I will never eat meat again." Im still not sure if he believed me (he says he did but I doubt it) and I know a lot of other people thought it was something that would fade over time. But I can say that I have never eaten another living animal (other than fish) since that night.

So I gave up meat. That was easy. Steve supported me (and supported the idea of raising Levi a vegetarian) and our deal was that I would cook what I wanted and he would eat it as long as it was "good and filling" and I have lived up to that. He still occasionally ate meat when we went out but never brought it in the house or asked me to cook it. It was a fine compromise and we were both happy.

I will also say that during this time, I ate A LOT of cheese. And I did say a few times "I could never go vegan. I just couldnt give up cheese". HA! So anyways, I lost some weight, got healthier and felt a little better.

Then I read the book Skinny Bitch ( I know, stupid name but AWESOME book). It was very informative, to the point and I loved it. And it was almost enough to convert me but not quite. Living vegan is a little more difficult and requires you to actually check ingredients sometimes (God forbid you actually want to know what you're putting in your body) and it is harder to eat out sometimes. SO the vegan part took me a little longer. It was definitely a process.
Then I watched some videos on youtube and one in particular called Meet Your Meat was enough.
And that was it.
I have never felt better. I am slowly lost all the weight from my pregnancy (and more). I weigh less now that I did at 17 (and on my wedding day). That is exciting. But what's even better is how great I feel. Seriously, I dont feel gross and sluggish after meals anymore. I love it.

So I will be sharing lots of recipes, tips and tons of pictures (I am a very visual person so Ive got to have some pictures).

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