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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Another blog...

So if you know me and know my other blogs, you are probably wondering WHY? Why another blog?

Well, Ill explain. I am a tad bit OCD and I would rather keep my blogs separate and organized... its kind of like eating food. I would rather use a plate with separators so that my food doesn't run together... my blogs are a little like that. I have a photography blog, a crunchy mom blog (which does include some cooking/baking/food stuff) and this blog.

Of course I think all my blogs are great but this blog...
well this blog is fantastic and the reason I am creating this blog is because I have had a lot of requests for me to share the recipes of some delicious, fantastic foods that I have been making.

So.... waaaalaaa.
I have decided on the name This Is Vegan because the other night, after making some delicious blueberry muffins, my fantastic husband tried them and with a smile of satisfaction on his face said "wow, this is really good. This is vegan?" and I said "yes. even THIS is vegan."
Of course he knew it was vegan since that is the only way I cook and bake and he is used to that but it is true that sometimes, these things taste so delicious, its hard to remember (or believe) that they are actually "vegan".

After all, isnt "vegan" gross?
Wait, aren't all vegan people hippies who dont shave and live in tents?
Isn't it so hard?
Doesn't it mean you have to give up all the good food?
Oh you probably cant have any sweet things anymore since everything is made with dairy and eggs?
How do you eat anything?
I bet you miss all your old food!

Okay well heres the deal.
No it isnt gross.
No not all vegans are hippies... although I will admit I think Im becoming more of a hippy each and every day. But I dont have harry legs and I dont live in tents (not that either of those things are bad).
No, its not that hard (some things are harder to give up than others but its worth it and I'm definitely not crying over it).
No, I havent given up good food. Ive found even better food.
Actually I eat more sweet things that I used to... I have found some amazingly sweet recipes that I will more than gladly share with you.
I actually eat a lot... if you haven't noticed, I am not withering away. Im probably the chubbiest vegan I know ;)
I dont miss my old food. I have missed cheese.... but other than that, I love my new food even more.
And heres the best part.... i feel GOOD after I eat. I dont feel gross and bloated. I dont get cramps and feel nauseated or run to the bathroom after eating a meal.
Its fabulous.

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